PALFINGER products

LIFETIME EXCELLENCE (Lifetime Value in Use) is a PALFINGER product compliance program that provides the user with COMFORT user-friendliness and ease of use, with professional SUPPORT in daily operations, with EFFICIENCY in use, with SAFETY and user-friendliness, and with EXCELLENCE in digitalization of the needs and support related to the products.

PALFINGER provides high-value products throughout the lifetime of the equipment. While the cost of purchasing our products may be somewhat more expensive than that of the competing products, but small ongoing operational costs, accurate equipment-specific maintenance plans, and high aftermarket value of the equipment ensure that PALFINGER products are one of the most cost-effective lifting devices on the market, taking into account the service life of the product. 

The above is the decisive factor in why successful companies using lifting equipment trust PALFINGER products!

THERMO KING products

THERMO KING products are known for their reliability, efficiency, and economy. THERMO KING is an Ingersoll Rand Group company that was established in 1938, and as of today, it has grown into the leading manufacturer of mobile transportation and industrial temperature management equipment in the world. The range covers trailers, buses, trucks, sea containers and railway cars. 

THERMO KING is dedicated to the provision of eco-friendly and at the same time efficient in use. The products are designed in cooperation with transport companies, according to their wishes and needs. The existence of a Europe-wide network of dealerships and maintenance workshops is of utmost importance. In addition to this, the existence of training and skills are based on the requirements created by THERMO KING.

The above is the decisive factor why successful transport companies use and trust the products of THERMO KING!